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  Textile Chemicals
HEBACOL-SPL Water ditutable Polymer Solution for warp sizing
HEBACRYL-ASA Water Soluble Acrylic Warp sizing agent
T.R.OIL Sulphonated Castor Oil used as softner for Viscose sizing-Oils
DEZYME Enzyme for Desizing
JECKSOL Anionic detergent for scouring.washing & bleaching of synthetic & cotton fabric.
AQUASOFT-WS-100 /J-100 Chelating (water softening) agent to make hard water soft
HEBAWET HP High performance wetting agent for cotton and its blends
AQUAMERC Low foaming wetting agent for mercirising : After print
AQUASOFT-JD-AC After print washing agent
HEBASOL-RBC Powerful Scouring & Bleaching auxiliary for cotton in Kier as well as Jiggers
HEBASOL-315 Scouring auxilliary for synthetics and blends in Jigger as well as Jet Dyeing machines
HEBASOL- 1SR Powerful stain removing agent based on solvents
HEBANOL-STR Stain remover useful in Jigger & Jet process
HEBADET-NI Non-Ionic wetting agent
AQUASTAB - HP Silicate free stabilizer for use in Peroxide bleaching.
TEXPROSOL-SD-110 Scouring cum dying auxiliary for synthetics.
HEBASOL-TCI/DBI Dye carrier for polyester dyeing in Jigger and beam dyeing machines
AQUACEL - ABC Dye bath conditioner
HEBASOL-315 Levelling and penetrating agent
HEBAFIX - NFDF Non formaldehyde dye fixing agent
DEFOAMER - NSD Non-Siiicone based defoamer suitable for textile processing steps like Dyeing,Printing and Finishing
DEFOSIL - SD Siiicone defoamer
HEBAFIX - DFC 30 / 60 DCDA Based cationic dyeing fixing agent
HEBALUBE Jet Dyeing Lubricant
AQUASOFT-JD-100 Washing off agent
HEB KHADI Durable khadi paste for khadi printing
HEBACRYL HB 940 Binder for making kadi paste
HEBANOL - KBI Print paste adutive for better penetration
HEBACRYL HB 24 Soft non Woven Binder
HEBASLIP W Anislipping agent
ANTIPIL W Antipilling agent
HEBATEX Acrylic Co-polymer finishing auxilliary for soft handle and drape on synthetic suitings and shirtings
HEBAFIN-DL Acrylic Co-polymer to impart body fullness and soft handle on synthetic suitings
HEBACRYL-GR Vinyl acrylic co-polymer to impart permanent soft handle, body fullness & drape on synthetic fabrics
PARATEX - SR Reactive softner
HEBASOFT- KS-20 Cationic Softner of non-yellowing type
HEBANOL-AMH Polyacrylamide solution for textile finishing
TUFFCOL-SPL Stiffening agent used in textile finishing for extra stiffness
AQUAGUARD-FG-340 Water and oil repellant chemical
SILAPHIL Hydrophiiic softener for wicking effect
SILASOFT Amino siiicone emulsion to impart softness on textile goods
TECHNOSOFT-S Modified amino siiicone emuision to impart softness on textiie goods
SYNTHOPEACH Chemical for synthetic peach effect
MEGABOUNCE Chemical for soft and bouncy effect
VERLINK Reactive cross linking agent for anticrease finish
POLIZYME Enzyme for Biopolishing cotton & its blends for permanent soft feei
MELFIN - MA Melamine formaldehyde resin for anticrease finish.
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